Add a Deliverable

Published: Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 by Chris Zieba

Deliverables are another name for a template, although the term deliverable usually refers to the final output document (template + answers). For more information on templates please refer to the article Working with Templates. Deliverables are the heart of the document processing in LogicPull. When a guided interview is completed, every deliverable in the manager is combined with the answer set and a document(s) for each is generated. If no deliverables are added to an interview than only an answer set is created.

On the home page for the interview you are going to add a deliverable to, you should see a table similar to the one below. If you have already added a deliverable it will be available in the table.

In the Quick Links section found on the right side of the manager, you will see a link Add Deliverable. Click on the link to add a new deliverable.

There a re a few options which need to be filled out in order to add a deliverable.

Style Sheet: Required The file must have the extension .ejs and must be a valid template file
Name: Required This field must begin with a letter and contain letters and numbers only
Description: Required A small descriptive blurb about the deliverable you are adding
Output Type: Required The output type will be what format the final document will be created in, so you must make sure your template file (Style Sheet) is correct.
Form: If you are generating a fillable PDF form, you need to attach the empty form here. You must also make sure you select pdf form for the Output Type
Loop: Deliverables can be generated multiple times. For example, if you have one form that needs to be filled out for multiple clients you would check this option off and set up your template accordingly.

If all the fields you entered passed the form validation you will be redirected the dashboard for the interview. You will notice that the deliverable you added is now present in the table Deliverables.

When the guided interview is completed the stylesheet (deliverable) will be combined with the answer set and the final document will be produced. Any deliverable in the Deliverables table will automatically be processed and generated.

To handle how deliverables are managed whence an interview is completed see the article change the on complete settings.