Change Live Status

Published: Thursday, December 19th, 2013 by Chris Zieba

Every interview that is added in the manager has a staging area, and a live site link. The staging area provides access to the interview while it is being developed. When you are done creating the guided interview in the editor, you can make it publically available. By default, the public page is disabled.

In the Quick Links section found on the right side of the manager, you will see a link Change Live Status. Click on the link to change the live status of the interview.

If the interview has not been made public already, you can do so by clicking the link that reads Make this interview available to the world.

If the interview is already public and can set it to private by clicking the link that reads Make this interview private for now.

Once you have changed the setting you will be redirected back to the interview dashboard page. To test if the setting has been updated you can follow the link in the Quick Links section View Live.

If you made the interview public, you will see the interview open. If the interview is private you will be redirected to 404 page.