Edit On-Complete Settings

Published: Monday, December 16th, 2013 by Chris Zieba

When an interview is completed, you can control who gets a copy of the generated documents. This is useful if you want to receive a copy of the generated documents after each successful completion of an interview. You can also allow the client who is completing the interview to receive a copy.

In the Quick Links section found on the right side of the manager, you will see a link Edit On Complete. Click on the link to edit the settings.

You can now input the name and description of your interview.

Email deliverables to client: If this is checked, a final question in the interview will ask the client to enter an email, where deliverables will be sent.
Email Notifications:

Notify the emails provided when a client completes an interview. If you enter more than one email, they must be separated by a semi-colon.


The deliverables created by an interview can be emailed to selected individuals by entering a semi-colon delimited (;) list here.


After you click the Save button, the interview will be updated, along with the on complete settings.