LogicPull was initially developed to save time and money creating the many legal documents needed for a court preceding. It has since expanded to handle the assembly of PDF, DocX, RTF and XML documents.

What is LogicPull?

LogicPull is a cloud based automated document assembly service. We give you the tools to quickly create an advanced question and answer interview to be completed by an end user, which in turn creates an answer set to be combined with a template to produce documents.

After a LogicPull guided interview is completed by an end-user, the answers are combined with a template representation of a form. We then create the final documents that you need and either email them out, or store in the cloud for later retrieval. A template is just a representation of a blank form (PDF, DocX, RTF or XML) that allows information collected by the LogicPull guided interview to be manipulated and inserted in the proper position on that form. These templates can be created and uploaded into the LogicPull Manager, or we offer the production of these templates as one of our services.

What are Templates?

Templates are just html files with snippets of inserted logic to represent where to populate the answers from the guided interviews. These can be created and uploaded by experienced users, or we have a collection of defaults that may suit what you are looking for. We are currently working on a feature to allow direct uploading of DocX documents to be used as templates. See What's Next? for more info on this.

The Problem. Creating a customized question and answer interview, and using the data to populate a form is very time consuming and costly, and needs to be created by a software developer. Despite all the CMS's around there is still no simple way to do it. It always requires time, money, hassle and tech skills.

The Solution. With our clean and simple editor, many guided user interviews can be completed in a fraction of the time, with little to no technical assistance or training. We give the tools to create these interviews, but also a way to manage and edit all the documents and forms being processed.

The LogicPull Editor includes a graphical flowchart map that displays the entire dialog for the interview to the author, to facilitate complex branching. Branching lets the author create a dialog that assists the end-user by asking only the questions that need to be answered. This allows for very complex interviews to be created, that are custom built to handle any variation in structure.

A guided interview can be styled in any way to match the design you are looking for. The example below is taken from our resume builder demo and is the default style used in LogicPull guided interviews. Changing the style used is very easy to accomplish and can be done from the Manager.

With LogicPull, collecting and managing client data is pretty simple. Guided interviews are created in our editor, filled out by end-users and the final documents are created and stored in the cloud for easy retrieval, or they can be emailed to any recipient you choose, as selected in the Manager.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why use LogicPull?

When it comes to the generation of repetitive, rule-based documents, such as contracts, court forms, insurance forms, legal practice documents, or virtually any other type of legal documentation, LogicPull is a simple and effective solution.

Our app is easy to use, requires no software to install, and can benefit any project big or small. We offer cloud-based document generation, with a manager accessible from your browser, where you can create guided question and answer interviews using our editor. The manager also allows you to customize all aspects of your guided interview, such as email notifications, privacy, and user control.

  • All your interview documents and completed data sets are stored in the cloud, so there's no more tracking down documents and leafing in changes
  • Publish once on the web and everyone is updated
  • Simple user-friendly Manager to handle all of your interviews and documents
  • Reduce document control hours and rework
  • The guided viewer allows a user to save their progress and continue at a later time.

What's Next?

We are currently working on a system to simplify the creation of templates. With this new feature, Microsoft DocX or Open Office Documents can be uploaded to our manager, where they can be edited and linked to a guided interview. Once a document and interview are connected, users will be able to add logic directly and easily into their documents.

Documents will also be able to be created from scratch, in a similar way to how Google Docs works. Adding in logic for repeat dialogs or branching sequences will become very easy for non technical users.